I would have considered myself a little “different” in high school.  So when it came time to get my senior pics taken I wanted to stand out.  I didn’t want them to look like anybody else’s.  I was the photo editor of the yearbook so I also had the advantage of knowing what everybody else was doing, too.  When Olivia’s mom came to me saying she liked me because she knew her pics would be different than those in her class my heart grew a million times larger.  I was in Texas to photograph a wedding so I was able to get together with Olivia and create some magic.  She did most of the work, honestly.  She is stunning and so poised in front of a camera.  For whatever reason, I expected her to be shy because she had been toward me in the past, but this girl nailed her session.  She might as well be a model.  She’s just so dang timeless and classy.  And cool.  Loved being a part of this time in her life and I just know this girl is going places.



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