Lana and Bridget came to me a month or so ago and asked if they could hire me to photograph them in honor of the opening of their new private studio located in the heart of downtown in Missoula, Montana. I was seriously giddy about it. I mean, look at these two. They are tattoo goddesses, both so talented and stunning, with all the right vibes and style. This shoot was one of my faves this year. It gave me the opportunity to connect and embrace my edgier side and get creative in a way I haven’t in a long time. I’m down with all things dark and gorgeous and these two are that.

They invited me down to their new shop to discuss the details of the shoot. I walked in as Bridget’s husband was fitting a stained glass window Lana’s mom custom made for the shop. Vintage rugs, crocodile skulls, candles, and antlers lay on the floor and on shelves. Lana’s artwork was framed and ready to put up on the walls. We sat on their nice new rug around a coffee table to chat. I smelled fresh sage that lay on the table. I knew we would be a great fit. A strong feminine energy filled the room. It was all so hauntingly beautiful. I fell in love with their studio immediately and knew this place was such a good thing.

These two are very different from each other. They look different, the act different, their art is different, but they work and fit so well together. They put together their studio quickly and they share their goals and strengths to make something they both love and it shows. I love their ying yang personalities and all it brings into one place.

If you want to see more of their shop and their beautiful artwork, you can follow @witchofthewoods on Instagram.

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