My engagement shoot with Kayla and Tank (this is the nickname everybody calls him) was interesting to say the least.  It was perfect weather wise.  I think it was probably the first cooler day of fall.  Kayla loves the woods so we started there and she hiked around in her pretty dress and black boots no problem. Tank is a sweet man and helped her when she needed it but I would say she is a pretty tough gal. On our excursion in the woods we ran into a wasps den in a tree. I ended up getting stung on my rear end and we decided to take a different route out of the woods to get away from the vicious wasps. We ended our session while the sun was setting in a beautiful field. Kayla and Tank had the perfect fall looks with her stylish urban witch hat and black dress. The two switched to plaid them to tie it all together perfectly.  I loved my session with these two. Tank did not hold back in sharing his love with Kayla which made from some beautiful intimate photographs between the two of them. Loved this day.

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