This year was all over the place for me. There wasn’t one thing that made me feel grounded or stable. It wasn’t my busiest year professionally, but with having our sweet baby boy and the big move, it made it one of my more challenging years. I am a creature of comfort and stability as I get older so it was challenging for me to have so many changes in my life at one time. We moved in April, had baby Baen in May, celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and my husband started his new job in a new place while I relocated my business.

I did a lot of soul searching this year. I think having a baby does that big time. It was tough for me to take a step back with my business. In 2017 I lived and breathed photography, and that is all I ever wanted, so when we found out I was pregnant in the fall, I knew I would have to take step back and not take as many sessions or weddings. That was hard for me but it was also good for me to discover who I am as a mom and a photographer at the same time. I really love all my clients and all they have done for me over these years. The faith they have in me to document some of the most special times in their lives could seriously not mean more to me. I have found that I love being a mother, but I also love being a photographer and I want to do both. I don’t think I ever planned on stopping, but I just wanted to see how much I wanted to do after Baen was born. I know I need it to feel like me. I want to give a big thanks to all of you who have trusted me to be a part of and document your moments and I’m so looking forward to this year, too. Although a part of my heart will always be in Texas, I am so excited to work my talent in a state I love so much! Happy New Year! Also, I snuck a few pics I took of my baby boy because he’s just too dang cute. Hope you don’t mind.

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