This wedding was a photographer’s dream.  The couple, the venue, and the details were perfect. Kathryn and Alyson share the sweetest love.  I had mascara running down my face their entire ceremony. It was so special to witness a love so pure and true and it was such an honor to watch these two women share that with their friends and family. And the venue was unbelievable.  The House of Dirt is covered in plants – more plants in one place than I’ve ever seen.  It has such a charming, boho feel, I fell in love the minute I walked in the door. The girls added their unique flair with little gold dinosaurs scattered about the venue. I was told Alyson liked dinosaurs so they made it happen.  They also had a life size Princess Leia in honor of Carrie Fisher’s birthday. There was karaoke, La Croix, and lots of maroons, greens, and gold. Kathryn had the most awesome maroon suit to match Alyson’s beautiful blush wedding dress.  Their cake was exquisite.  Their guests were so fun.  I really couldn’t have loved this wedding more.

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