Last weekend I got to do a Montana portrait session of my dreams. It involved a beautiful couple, Bridget and Buck Miller, animal skulls and bones, a camper van, a cute dog, a black jean jumpsuit, copper, rattle snake and bison vests, leather boots, mountains, and a sunset. Tooth and Talon, a jewelry company based out of Missoula, is my favorite. The jewelry is unique and edgy, most of it made out of animals bones and antlers. These two whispered sweet “I love yous” throughout the shoot and are everything I think every other couple wish they had. Their connection is deep and sweet. Their love for Montana lands and each other is contagious. They also have a cute rescue pup named Irene who seems to be the perfect addition to this power couple. I am so thankful to have gotten to know Bridget over all these years. I’ve felt such a strong connection to her aesthetic and ideas and I am thankful she feels the same way about my art. This shoot is definitely one of my favorite I have ever done and I think it shows.

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