Back in March, literally a week before the pandemic, Christen contacted me about possibly shooting her surprise engagement proposal when she and her boyfriend, Evan, would be traveling in Montana from NYC for a friend’s wedding. Of course I was sooo down, and the planning begin. She would be in Bozeman, so we wanted a convincible meet-in-the middle place so Evan wouldn’t catch on. She just required train tracks and left the rest up to me.

Fast forward to July, Christen and I are texting back and forth trying to figure out how I am going to hide in the middle of nowhere and how she is going to get Evan out of the car in the middle of nowhere when she told him they were going to a picnic in the mountains for her friend. Somehow we did and we landed here. I hid in the bushes next to the train tracks, she led Evan to the tracks after they parked on the side of the highway, she got down on one knee, I popped out, and he said yes! It was unforgettable!

Afterward, we drove around the Anaconda area and took pictures in the hills and in abandoned houses and fields saturated with yellow grasses. It was incredibly magical. It really doesn’t get much better than this shoot. I got to meet some seriously awesome people, show them rural Montana, and watch as their lives start on a new path.

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