It was such an honor when an old photo school friend asked me to take her family photos. And, man, they are they cutest bunch of people.  And so flexible.  We had planned for a different location but the day of their session I was doing some hiking up the Rattlesnake and the leaves were too beautiful so I asked if Dianne and her eight other family members would be okay with changing the location.  I normally would never do it that, but I knew I had to with fall in full swing up in the mountains.

I had so much fun playing around on the Rattlesnake trails watching everybody get silly together.  Dianne’s parents came as well as her brother and his wife and new baby boy. It’s such a great feeling to know this all started from two people. The love and strength between them all was apparent.  I’m a sucker some genuine love and happiness and you could feel it during this session. Please enjoy their sweet fall session in Missoula in the Rattlesnake National Forest.


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