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REAL and RAW - Doing things YOUR way

Real human connection, real human emotion

This is your day – your choices.  I’m there to support you, your love, your vibe.  It’s not something we think about in the moment, but your photos will be your last piece of your day and I care about that.  I want your photos to be something you can look at decades down the road and remember EVERY SINGLE feeling.  Perfection is boring.  I love movement, raw interactions, raw feelings.  Give me all the tears, all the smiles, and all that cheesy love.  I’m not judging any of it. I’m actually loving all of it.  Honestly, I’ll probably be crying, too.  I’m a Cancer.  I feel everything.  Of course, I help guide you, but posey-posey images just aren’t my thing.  It’s totally cool if it’s yours, but we probably won’t be a good match, and that is okay.  I want my people to CONNECT with my work.

"I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they drive sustenance and strength from the relationship."


Ninety-five percent of my couples warn me how awkward they are before their session, but once the session is over they always end up telling me how much fun they had and that it wasn't anything like they expected. Even the guys. This is my dream. I want more than anything for this to be a fun experience for you, a comfortable one. One you will remember forever, you are about to marry your soulmate, right?


I am here to help you. I've photographed a lot of these (hundreds!) so I've got a good some pretty great knowledge I'm willing to share with you to make everything that much less stressful. It shouldn't be a stressful day. I'll be there the whole time, making sure things are flowing, you're prepared as you ever will be, and a shoulder to lean on if you need it. I'll be your zen, however that works for you.


As I said somewhere else on the website, my biggest regret at my wedding is not throwing down some money to a photographer I absolutely loved. We ended up doing a "day after" in our wedding clothes by a photographer whom I adore. I wish times a million I had been smarter and not just trusted someone I knew to do our photos. I don't look back and feel much from them. If anything, I get sad. I can't stress enough how important it is to hire someone you love. Photography is worth more with time. Every year that passes, your wedding photos will be your last piece of your wedding. Go with someone's work you know you will love for a lifetime. It is every bit worth it.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”