I have been excited to share Kate and Chester’s wedding at The Venue at Waterstone in north Texas.  These two are the sweetest couple and so ready to give their hearts to whoever they meet.  When I first met them we went on a long hike in a park in Arlington to the spot they shared their first kiss.  Kate ran around barefoot in the river and woods and Chester made sure to keep her safe while she hopped around the park.  Their wedding was a mix of all the things I love: greenery, nature, culture, boho, and friendly people.  The day was perfect and we had so much fun exploring the venue and feeding the swans.  Many of their wedding guests traveled from Vietnam so Kate and Chester had their relatives translate everything said over the microphone.  There was karaoke and tons of dancing at their reception.  They even had a flash mob do a little dance for them.  I couldn’t have had more fun at such a unique wedding!  Scroll down to look at this beautiful wedding!

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