These two stole my heart during their sweet engagement session in all the good places in Missoula, Montana. We met at the Kettlehouse on the Northside. The smell of hops and woods took over my nose as I stepped into the brewery and immediately spotted them as they smiled and waved at me. The two of them are so warm and welcoming, even without many words. I felt so comfortable right away. We started off taking a few pics inside, then outside, then I chatted with them as they finished their drinks. I felt like we were old friends.

We also wanted to do some outside stuff so I took them to a less traveled trailhead to start making our way up Mount Jumbo. Big mistake. Snow and ice covered the trails making it nearly impossible to hike up it. But we did it anyway. I apoligized the whole way up and they kept telling me they were having fun. We were hanging onto branches and each other the whole way up but we made it and it was totally worth it. I seriously love these ladies. They have that perfectly laid-back, cute style I love so much. There were lots of giggles, funny dancing, and plenty of kisses. I seriously have so much trouble picking my favorites of this shoot because I love them all.

As we made our way back, we had just as much trouble as we did coming up. We walked down the sides of the trail as best we could to avoid the ice and breaking our legs. Thank god. I can’t wait for their wedding this fall, I know it’s going to be incredible.

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