Rachel and Josh’s wedding outside of Estes Park, CO in Rocky Mountain National Park gives me the good chills. The scenery is so stunning it barely looks real. If you love a little emotion, some great views, and anything adorable you will love looking at this wedding.

Rachel and I have been friends since middle school which means a lot of years since we are both in our thirties now. I was thrilled when she got engaged and even more thrilled when she gave me the honor of picking me as her photographer for their day. She and Josh met when she was getting her MFA in dance and he was studying architecture. Their location was perfect as they met in Colorado. They literally were married on top of a mountain. They are both cute and quirky artists and so much of their detail reflected these traits.

The weather turned out to be a little unpredictable on their wedding day. It was actually quite cold and rainy for an August summer day in Colorado. People wore jackets and I was praying the rain might let up a little for us. As soon as we started their first look, the clouds moved, the sun came out, and the rain was gone. This lasted through their ceremony, right up to their kiss and then the rain came back again. It really couldn’t have been more perfect.

Their ceremony was everything. Watching both of their faces as they said their vows and listened to their family and friends speak brought tears to my eyes. I love some good and raw emotion and it was all there for these guys. Plus they were on top of a mountain and the wind was blowing just perfectly enough to make Rachel’s hair look like a model in front of a fan. I just couldn’t handle the beauty of it all.

The reception was just as perfect. Rachel is a dancer and has been most of her life so of course the formal dances couldn’t be traditional. Josh and Rachel’s first dance is still the first dance I remember most and I’ve seen quite a few. She choreographed the entire thing. And although I can’t remember what song they danced to, I remember her dancing around him and all of the attendees were applauding and yelling for them. It was definitely one to remember.

Despite the cold weather, this wedding will always be one of my faves. Not just because it was for a dear friend, but because of all the little unique parts of it that made it very much their wedding and who they are. I can only hope again I’ll be able to take pictures of a couple getting married on a mountain top again, but if I never do, I’m so lucky the one I got to do was of these two.

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