I adore this cute family.  Emily and Nick are the best parents and Teddy is just too dang precious.  He’s got a smile just for the camera that is will make your heart melt.  I met Emily through a friend and was quickly drawn to her charisma and quick whit.  She also happens to be a doula and I met her when I was pregnant so she seemed to fit perfectly into my life at the time.  She helped me through a very long labor and also managed to feed and comfort my husband.  She is a true saint.  I have since met her husband and toddler who just turned two the day before our shoot.  He really is too cute.  We had fun hiking around the trails, laughing and being as silly as possible.  I have wanted to start getting more into family lifestyle sessions and this shoot sealed the deal for me.  I love to shoot weddings but, really, I just love shooting life.  Watching families interact and grow brings out a light in me and I know you will be seeing more sessions just like this one.  

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